Sunday, October 19, 2014


Its hollow eyed magic follows me, October's muse, so very beautiful. Each year I think the Autumn gets more beautiful than the one before. Slanted sunbeams, chilled nights, frost breathing down our necks in forecasts yet to come. I sometimes think I'm dreaming through the year when I imagine the beauty that is fall. Surely one season cannot outdo all the rest in spectacular climate, color, aura, and
magic? Oh, but it does... I love wintry sparkle, spring's welcome green, summer's abundance... But
I'm enchanted when the leaves turn, dance on the wind, and mound up in the yard. The dawns and
twilights intensify, leaving me in total wonder.

The house is filled with little bits of harvest finery. I confess I began in late August, so Mom is really beginning to tire of my golds, coppers, pumpkins and leaves. Decorations take up a lot of space in our home. I kind of know I have too many, but... It's just something I enjoy. 

We've had so much rain lately..  Just day after day of heavy, ropy rain, chilled and grey. You must know me by now, so the idea of loving that kind of a day is not foreign to you. It's so very different not to get up every day and go out into the elements as I head in to teach..  I feel as if I need to cling to the seasons even more because these kinds of mornings and late afternoons can easily slip by as I work indoors more and more.

My son scored a big box of pumpkin Keurig coffee and not one, not two, but three big bottles of Pumpkin creamer! Each morning I slip upstairs and have a Halloween cup full of my own particular witch's brew...

This incredible photo of my grandfather's barn was captured on my way to school a few years ago. It made me late and drew disfavor from an unkind woman supervisor, but I do not regret the few moments it took to record the halo of dawn cresting behind that old, dear, dilapidated building. If I won the lottery, I would give half to my son and fix up that barn to its former dignity with the other half.... Hoping to have more than enough! But, as they say, you can't win if you don't play! So I'm not going to win any lotteries. 

What beauties lie in your particular parts of the world? I wish you a good week with time to stop and enjoy the magic.

Happy Fall! 
Whimsy and Hugs!

Happy Sunday!  Enjoy each other! 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Life Art...

Met a new artist online... Heather A. Stillufsen

Love her work...

All positive thoughts for a good tomorrow!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Magic in a Cup...

The day --- kind of grey, chilled... Calling my name to cozy in and find my own sunshine inside. Suddenly, "Knock. Knock," my sister/cousin arrived bearing gifts, bearing potpourri, bringing a little pink bag filled with magical tea. What? Magical tea?  Is there such a thing?

Well, yes.  Yes, there is such a thing. My sister/cousin's granddaughter had given her some flowering, art tea. We had to get a clear container.  Um...  one that holds boiling water?  Unfortunately, the only thing I had was our measuring cup...  It worked!

We put on the red tea kettle.  ****Whistle. Whistle. **** It was time...  Before our very eyes this tea began to dance among the steamy drops of rain...  Becoming more than the original ball, becoming a plant, then Voila! Becoming a lovely lily-like flower. It was amazing.  So much fun.

A little honey in the bottom of our cups, some delicious Danish...  and the three of us, Mom, Sister/Cousin, and I... we transcended time and place to a lovely Oriental tea house. We could see the lovely women, in far-away China, sitting there stitching together little strands of green tea, hibiscus flower, and jasmine... Could she have imagined our happiness to witness this little miracle?  Blessings to her...

Yep. Magic in a cup.

Whimsy and Hugs!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Uh oh....

Have a wonderful weekend. I'm rearranging just a wee bit, shuffling what furniture I can! How I love to do that! Inspiration comes to me late at night. Luckily that overpowering focus usually wanes by dawn!


Thursday, October 2, 2014

Weekly words...

Well, not the big things, of course... But it sure soothes the soul, especially in a pretty mug or cup. I like big mugs because they hold a lot and they keep it hot! Plus.. A nice big mug, all steamy, fits perfectly in the eye socket area to dispel a little morning headache. I think I heard that first from a dear friend! Coffee does even better!

Back to hot weather for a few days. That's typical Missouri weather. We took two trips Friday and Saturday. Had to return to Amish country to score some tomatoes. Mom and I will be sad to see the big red, homegrown jewels end.

Then yesterday was too pretty to stay in, so we hit Macon Lake with a little picnic lunch. Gorgeous!
However, to be an uptodate weather reporter, I must add that today began with red skies... And then one storm after another! Right now lightning and thunder and hard, hard rains. So I had to do it.. It was impossible to resist. Made a big pot of chili for supper! I'm a super messy cook,, you won't be seeing my stove after I cooked!
I'll leave with this thought. So true!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

First touch!

Oh, yeah! Mom and I hit the Mickey D Drive-thru this week. We took our lunch to Macon City Park, and there we saw the first scarlet gash of fall leaves! Somehow this section of this Maple got kissed by Jack Frost and nobody else... Gorgeous.

The City Park is a cool piece of town lore. A Macon girl married a Hollywood Producer and bacame good friends with Maria Shriver. For our girl's 40th or 50th, I think, birthday Maria donated a lot of money to fix up Wanda's favorite play place of her childhood. The city fathers told her they were going to rename the park in her honor, but she had a fit and refused. She wanted it to be Macon City Park... I love that.. Later a few years ago when Wanda's mother passed away, Maria came here to the middle of Missouri for the services. We don't see many celebrities... So it was noteworthy.

I'm thinking Wanda and Maria would love this tree right now. I really missed this deciduous kind of tree the summers I lived in California

Have a good weekend.


Monday, September 22, 2014

Surprised by Pie...

So, really... My mother has a deep and long-term commitment to pie. She gets it honest... My grandfather, her daddy, loved a piece of pie... And her mother's brother ate a piece of cold pie "up in his hand" right before bed every night of his life...

I'm not a pie person. But, for her, I love to have a little surprise quite often. I enrolled her in the "Goodie of the Month" program for her birthday... But it's been more than once a month...

This morning she was feeling kinda achy and down and she asked if we could bake something... I laughed and answered, "We can, but maybe you'd rather have a scoop of the cobbler in the oven!" You should have seen her face! I threw in one of those dump peach pies while I brewed my cup of coffee. Seriously three ingredients in a sprayed 9 x 13" pan. One lg. Can peaches with syrup ( although mine were light) one yellow cake mix sprinkled over that. One and a half sticks butter. (Cut into thin pats and scattered). Bake at 350° for 45 minutes. That's it.

It's a bit sweet, but a quick winner for this first day of Autumn...



Sunday, September 21, 2014

Seasonal Spice

Well, once upon a long and haunted hill, there lived an old, old witch... She once ruled the kingdom in pure tyranny, but fortune intervened during a not so chance encounter with her magical cat. Now, most witches loved cats, but not Emereldine, the curious old witch who lived in the Glen...
Emeraldine was captured at seven past midnight many, many Halloweens ago... She is doomed to live just out of reach... In the blurry confines of a magic dome

Her foe, the languid kitten called Spice? She now rules the entire land with laughter, joy, and spirit


Spice threw all of Emereldine's old magic into an enchanted curio...

And now the land is free to embrace the joys of the season. Sometimes they cook! Lovely feasts of enchiladas, both Paleo and regular...


Some of the country people even had little pets of their own... It was a Happy Halloween Homeland, for sure!
The jackolanterns weren't scary!
Houses are Merry!

Barns are free!

Little girls play dress-up!

And it's cozy enough for a nap!

But over the horizon, far beyond the reaches of Spice, the happy cat... Lives Potion... A kitty who has vowed to free Emereldine one day!

All the little creatures in town wear Halloween sweaters!

" You'd laugh too if you had seen...what the moon saw on Halloween." (Thanks, Sister/Cousin)

Sometimes life seemed so bright, the sparkles began to blur!

I guess the best part of the day was the happy moments spent at tea with each other... Laughing and talking!

But what do I hear? Oh, no! Emeraldine is opening the magical door! Will she get out? Will the lovely, happy world of Spice soon melt intoThe evil cat, Potion's realm?

"I don't think so! " Spice laughs at our fears... She is ready to meet all challenges! The kingdom is safe.




It's official. I've gone bonkers. Pity.